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Song Lyrics of "Cows With Guns"

Artist/Band: Weird Al Yankovic
Contributor: Wanda Alex Rating: Not rated yet
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Cows With Guns Lyrics

fat and docile, big and dumb. they look so stupid, they aren't much fun
Cows aren't fun
They eat to grow, grow to die, die to be fed to the hamburger fry.
Cows well done
Nobody thunk it, nobody knew. no one imagined the great cow guru.
Cows are one
He hid in the forest, read books with great zeal, he loved shape of era, a revolutionary veal
Cows say tum
He spoke about justice, but nobody stirred. he felt like an outcast, alone in the herd.
Cow dull drone
He knew we must fight, escape or we'll die. cows gathered around cause the stakes(steaks) were so high.
Bad cow pun.
But then he was captured, stuffed into a crate. loaded onto a truck where he rode to his fate.
Cows are bummed
He was a scrawny calf, who looked rather woozy. no one suspected, he was packin' an Uzi.
Cows with guns
They came with a needle, to stick in his thigh. He kicked for the groin, pissed in their eye.
Cow well hun
Knocked over a tractor, and ran for the door. 6 gallons of gas spilled onto the floor.
Run cows run.
he picked up a bullhorn and jumped up on the hay. "we are free roaming bolvines, and we run free, today."

(chorus): We will fight for, bolvine freedom, and hold our large heads high.
We will run free, with the buffalo, or diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiie.
Cows with guns.

they crashed the gate, in a great stampeed. tipped over milktrucks, torched all the feed.
Cows have fun.
60 police cars surrounded the heap. covered in cowpies, covered up deep.
Much cow dung.
black smoke arises in the sunny day. 12 burning McDonalds', have it your way.

The president said, enough is enough. these uppitty cows, it's time to get tough.
Cow dung flung.
the newspapers loaded, folks sighed of relief. tomorrow at noon the cows would be ground beef.
Cows on buns.
the cows were surrounded, they waited and prayed. they mooed their last moos they chewed their last hay.
Cows outgunned.
the order was given, to turn cows to whoppers. Enforced by the might, of 10,000 coppers. but on the horizon, surrounding the shoppers, came the deafening roar, of chickens, in choppers.
We will fight for, bolvine freedom. and hold our large heads high. we will run free, with the buffalo, or
diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiie. oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh. Cows with guns.

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Cows With Guns Lyrics


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